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Daltrans, 43-246 Strumień - Bąków, ul. Pniwie 3, tel. +48 33 857 11 22
          Daltrans Transport Company is a family company providing transport services since 1985. At the beginning of the company's operation on the market we were mainly concerned with conveyance of goods, however, since 1992 we have been engaged in transport of people. Moreover, since 1999 Daltrans has possessed its own workshop, equipped with modern tools, allowing us to overhaul and repair our coaches, as well as those belonging to other companies. We offer our services to travel agencies, schools, institutions and individual people. Modern and comfortable coaches, as well as cultured and experienced personnel are a guarantee of the highest quality services. Within over a dozen years of operation on the market Daltrans has transported thousands of passengers travelling the whole Europe. Basing on the experience our company has gained, we assist our clients in choosing optimal routes when planning travels. The company has its registered office at Strumień - Bąków (on the way from Katowice to Wisła, 20 kilometers from the frontier in Cieszyn).

Daltrans offers all kinds of coach transport:

• airport transportation
• coach hire
• minibuses hire
• company's travels
• business travels
• school trips
• coach tours
• ski tours
• transport to conferences, concerts
• shuttle
• line-haul

We look forward to welcoming you on board!
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